Ben’s Brick Oven Pizza was designed, built, and then opened in Hudson,
Colorado in November of 2016.

Brick Oven Pizza Franchise Opportunity

Over the years we have received many requests to franchise Ben’s Brick Oven Pizza. It was a great incentive, encouraging us to refine and polish our systems with that goal in mind.

Success gave us confidence in our menu selection, our exceptional recipes, and our processes.

Our record of profitability – an  absolute prerequisite before franchising any business – has been solid.

With all those elements established, we will entering the franchise market in 2024.

We are now able to offer the Bens Brick Oven Pizza opportunity to others.

Our restaurant is well suited for any community!

The Italian Brick Oven bakes our premium Pizza in 3 to 4 minutes. It is sold at an affordable price point with no extra charge for additional toppings.

A large dining area with contemporary décor creates a relaxing atmosphere and suits all age groups and demographics.

Ben’s Brick Oven Pizza is an American success story.

Built on a solid foundation of integrity in the workplace, use of high-quality ingredients and implementing efficient processes along with good oversight, it has a proven record of profitability.

We will help you duplicate our success.

We are open to conversations with potential franchisees who recognize our uniqueness and the enormous opportunity of being a part of an innovative pizza restaurant chain. It also offers the unique opportunity of getting in on the bottom floor. You could become the first Ben’s Brick Oven Pizza in your area!

We are deeply honored to have received numerous awards over the years, acknowledging our steadfast dedication to delivering quality cuisine and exceptional service. Below, we present a selection of these accolades:

Tripadvisor Best Pizza Award

Best Pizza in the City by Restaurant Guru 

Best Pizza in Colorado by Washington Post

The ideal candidate must be self-motivated, have a proven past performance of success, an understanding that success takes concerted effort, and that failure is not an option.

We only succeed if you succeed! If you read our corporate ethos statement and it feels right, please reach out, we will start a discussion and you can become part of a winning team!


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